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TTCN-3 tool general features

Full featured TTCN-3 tool

TTCN-3 editor, compiler, debugger, run-time

Supports TTCN-3: 2003 ... TTCN-3: 2021

Supports TTCN-3 extensions:

Configuration and Deployment Support

Extended TRI (xTRI)

Behaviour Types

Support of interfaces with continuous signals

Advanced Matching

TRI and xTRI mapping for C, C++, C#, Java

TCI mapping for C, C++, C#, Java

XSD support

Graphical IDE for managing test projects

Command line option

Test management features

Graphical and textual view of logs

Test logs playback feature

System adapter source code factory for:

Message based communication

Procedure based communication

Built-in codecs:






Out of the box external codecs for:

3GPP LTE UE Confromance test suite



Out of the box adapters for:






Runs on Windows and Linux (32 | 64 bit)

Floating and node-locked licenses

Testcast pricing

* for a single user







1 year





3 months

1 150€

6 months

1 960€

1 year

5 900€







3 490€

1 year



Testcast Release notes

New features:

  • TTCN-3: 2021 support (ES 201 873-1 4.13.1)
  • Generic performance setting added to project properties
  • Different settings added for controlling runtime performance
  • Stack trace added to external function errors
  • Library support for VS 2019

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • TCI extended type resolution no longer causes an unexpected exception
  • @local attributes didn’t work properly under certain conditions
  • Fixed Memory leak in encvalue and decvalue calls
  • Limited number of elements shown in Watch view for SequenceValue to 30
  • Fix for a bug causing that unsaved is not issued for changed settings when the user has meanwhile activated the testing mode

New features:

  • New look and feel: color schemes, customizable font sizes, changes in the tab view, several editor highlight functions, compilation log in the bottom control
  • Several performance improvements in TCI handling
  • Several performance improvements in processing debugging and tracing instructions
  • Setting for activating implicit omitting environment in the whole project
  • Compilation results in red if compilation was not successful
  • Optional caching of decoding results
  • Support for linked TRI, XTRI and TCI-TM written in C#
  • Support for triSelf and triRnd in C and C++ interfaces
  • The system interface allows to get the project directory

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash in runtime execution of string operations including a universal charstring variable and charstring constant
  • Bottom tab control height is restored to the one used in the previous session when TestCast is restarted
  • Invalid runtime exception is no longer thrown when assigning omit to optional fields of a template with a value restriction using dot notation (with just a single dot)
  • Column widths of the log view are properly saved now
  • Compile-time resolved operations that are defined in the module declaration part and require module access not longer cause the compiler to crash
  • Pattern templates containing the vertical line symbol on the top level no longer produce a false positive match if the matched string contains one of the pattern options in the middle
  • Replace all didn’t set the “file changed” flag when the number of replacements was 1
  • Rarely occurring deadlock on exiting from the testing mode when using TCI-TL
  • Removed a race condition in the editor that caused a rare null pointer exception while editing

New features:

  • TTCN-3: 2020 support (ES 201 873-1 4.12.1, ES 201 873-6 4.12.1)
  • – lre parameter for logging runtime exceptions added to the console version
  • Improved detection of missing fields of structured values during compilation
  • Opening of .xmmlog session log files over command line parameter

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • XSD anyAttribute in extension is correctly imported now
  • Handling of dot notation and indexes applied to uninitialized variables in actual out parameters no longer causes an uninitialized value error
  • Type check for indexes in index assignment notation was missing
  • Pointer error in Linux TCI protocol (decoding of strings)
  • Several combo boxes in settings displayed code names instead of UI texts
  • Issue with displayed session duration if logs were saved during testing mode
  • Incomplete call stack dump with an incorrect origin entry when a runtime error occurred inside a @dynamic block
  • XML codec crash when encoding elements with no namespace and no prefix in a qualified context that also doesn’t have any prefix
  • Modification of ifpresent templates no longer causes an error
  • The lengthof operator didn’t work correctly with AnyValueTemplate
  • Several bugfixes related JSON codec, added anytype encode/decode implementation
  • JSON codec fixes for decoding escaped strings, anytype, encoding field separator for record/set type

New features:

  • Linked TRI and TCI-TM
  • Additional TTCN-3:2019 features:
    •   Deterministic parameters, templates and variables
    • Modification of matching mechanisms
    • Support for patterns in concatenation
    • Rules for @nocase in concatenation
    • Timer lifetime rules
    • Altsteps supported in the operation
    • Expressions in declarations of enumerated numbers
    • Interleaved altsteps
    • Efficient fields of unions are taken into account when generating transformed names of a XSD module
    • Improved detection of missing return values of external functions
    • Improved error reporting
    • ASN.1 can generate zero length messages
    • Internal codec priority for ASN.1
    • support for multiple NoTargetNamespace modules

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Incorrect binary code no longer generated for encval_o
  • encode “JSON” attribute was not correctly supported
  • External attributes were loaded twice in some cases
  • Invalid error when assigning a mixed list to an array
  • Compile time resolved subsets and supersets no longer cause a compiler crash when their parent type is an invalid reference

New features:

  • TTCN-3:2019 (ES 201 873-1 4.11.1, ES 201 873-6 4.11.1, ES 201 873-9 4.10.1) features added: qualified enumerations, port and timer variables
  • TCI-TL support over TCP/IP (C mapping)
  • Dedicated exit code for failed TCI-TM connection in the console mode
  • Improved support for port and timer fields in structured types and related bug fixes

End of Service Life Policy

We encourage TestCast users always to use newest version of the tool and expect that it will be taken into use within 2 years after its first release date.

End of service life (EoSL) of the TestCast current version is reached 2 years after release date of the new version.

In case of active support and maintenance contract we provide patches for the older TestCast versions until EoSL is reached.

Currently we provide support for following TestCast versions: 6.15.1, 6.16.1, 6.17.1 and 6.18.1.


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