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TTCN-3 tool general features

Full featured TTCN-3 tool

TTCN-3 editor, compiler, debugger, run-time

Supports TTCN-3: 2003 ... TTCN-3: 2019

Supports TTCN-3 extensions:

Configuration and Deployment Support

Extended TRI (xTRI)

Behaviour Types

Support of interfaces with continuous signals

Advanced Matching

TRI and xTRI mapping for C, C++, C#, Java

TCI mapping for C, C++, C#, Java

XSD support

Graphical IDE for managing test projects

Command line option

Test management features

Graphical and textual view of logs

Test logs playback feature

System adapter source code factory for:

Message based communication

Procedure based communication

Built-in codecs:






Out of the box external codecs for:

3GPP LTE UE Confromance test suite



Out of the box adapters for:






Runs on Windows and Linux (32 | 64 bit)

Floating and node-locked licenses

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3 months

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6 months

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3 490€

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Testcast Release notes

New features:

  • Linked TRI and TCI-TM
  • Additional TTCN-3:2019 features:
    •   Deterministic parameters, templates and variables
    • Modification of matching mechanisms
    • Support for patterns in concatenation
    • Rules for @nocase in concatenation
    • Timer lifetime rules
    • Altsteps supported in the operation
    • Expressions in declarations of enumerated numbers
    • Interleaved altsteps
    • Efficient fields of unions are taken into account when generating transformed names of a XSD module
    • Improved detection of missing return values of external functions
    • Improved error reporting
    • ASN.1 can generate zero length messages
    • Internal codec priority for ASN.1
  • support for multiple NoTargetNamespace modules

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Incorrect binary code no longer generated for encval_o
  • encode “JSON” attribute was not correctly supported
  • External attributes were loaded twice in some cases
  • Invalid error when assigning a mixed list to an array
  • Compile time resolved subsets and supersets no longer cause a compiler crash when their parent type is an invalid reference

New features:

  • TTCN-3:2019 (ES 201 873-1 4.11.1, ES 201 873-6 4.11.1, ES 201 873-9 4.10.1) features added: qualified enumerations, port and timer variables
  • TCI-TL support over TCP/IP (C mapping)
  • Dedicated exit code for failed TCI-TM connection in the console mode
  • Improved support for port and timer fields in structured types and related bug fixes

New features:

  • TTCN-3:2019 support (ES 201 873-1 4.11.1, ES 201 873-6 4.11.1, ES 201 873-9 4.10.1)
  • Faster start of execution of scripts that are already loaded in the memory
  • TCI-TL: tliVar support
  • Support of CDATA in XML codec
  • Configurable timeout of synchronous TCI call initiated by a remote interface implementation (TRI, TCI)
  • Minor changes in the way how critical test environment errors (such as TRI connection termination) are reported and presented to the user

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Incorrect namespace search used for processing parameterized types
  • Several issues with jumping to a log or source code line from session reports
  • Issue with resolving variant attributes when the encoding attribute has changed
  • Run-time crash occurring during resolution of module parameters
  • Synchronized TLI calls were not properly finalized when exiting the testing mode
  • Deadlock occurring in some cases when TRI returns TriError
  • Error in processing TRI broadcast reply in java lib
  • Missing connection acceptance checks for TCI-CD and TCI-TL over TCP/IP
  • Autocomplete didn’t correctly display options for function calls (starting from the 2nd parameter)

New features:

  • TTCN-3:2018 support (ES 201 873-1 4.10.1, ES 201 873-5 4.8.1, ES 201 873-6 4.10.1, ES 201 873-9 4.9.1)
  • Proprietary modifier allowing to handle an external function in TCI-TM (instead of TRI-PA)
  • TTCN-3:2019 correction for ASN.1 mandatory extension fields SEQUENCE and SET types

New features:

  • Support for TTCN-3: 2017 edition of XSD conversion rules (ES 201 873-9 version 4.9.1)
  • Property allowing to use internal ASN.1 codec regardless of presence of additional encode parameters
  • TriSnapshot message is optional now and can be enabled or disabled in the project settings
  • Detection of errors connected with calling functions with fuzzy parameters from special places
  • Component end log item contains a trace of 10 last executed instructions

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved detection of errors connected with calling functions from default altstep parameter values
  • tli.xml file is now automatically copied to created runtime
  • The port parameter can be used in the command line tool to modify the port set in a TestCast project
  • JSON encoding is available in GUI settings now
  • Internal decode returns TriOK and empty value when decoding fails
  • Issue with detection of insufficient number of bytes when decoding strings with the built-in binary codec
  • Enumerated values were not properly linked when used in the value clause of the reply and getreply operation
  • GUI error appearing when trying to modify long log filter strings
  • Invalid linker errors showing undefined templates or values when trying to compile a script that imports up-to-date modules loaded from files
  • Missing start line info for parameterized templates
  • Attribute retrieving operations didn’t work correctly with type references
  • Variant attribute was not always reset when a new encoding was specified
  • DefinitionRefs in group attributes were not linked properly
  • Permutation match errors
  • Incorrect mismatch description for list template
  • Crash during linking imports with exceptions
  • Visibility of constants was not properly set
  • No error was generated for two attributes of the same kind with a different override status
  • No error was generated for multiple occurrence of an attribute that can be present at most once in cases when a reference was attached to the attribute
  • Minor fixes in processing of modifiers in the code editor
  • Matching full stop in charstring patterns didn’t work properly
  • Encode attributes applied on imported ASN.1 modules are no longer applied to the original ASN.1 module
  • Variant attribute with a list of related encoding attribute didn’t work properly
  • Crash when creating a parameterized template that modifies another template with a list of actual parameters attached to it