Model Based

TestCast MBT – your Model Based Testing tool!

TestCast MBT – Features

Bundle includes:

Eclipse-based frontend

Access to test generation service

TTCN-3 test execution platform


100% model-based, supports UML and UTP

Types imported from testing framework

Test data imported and/or defined in model

Graphical system model editor

Flexible test goals

Test design and generation in the cloud

Supports TTCN-3, JUnit (Java) and Robot test automation frameworks


System behaviour is modelled as Input/Output Transition System

Structural test coverage is defined

Abstract test cases are designed and generated

Tests are rendered into executable test scripts

Tests are executed on underlying test execution framework

Application domains (but not limited to):

Web/Mobile testing

API testing

Distributed systems testing

TestCast pricing

* for a single user


1 year




1 year




3 990€

1 year



TestCast MBT Release notes

New features:

  • Eclipse Photon support
  • Selenium adapter for Java
  • Test data editor
  • Test data and behavior mutations (experimental support)

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed several bugs in test data validation
  • Fixed examples for Linux
  • Improved behavior model editor
  • Improved Java support

New features:

  • Support for Eclipse Oxygen
  • Support for alternative test generator based on NuSMV (experimental)

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Several fixes in external resources import
  • Improved co-operation with TestCast T3

New features:

  • Enhanced UI (new test objectives editor)
  • Linux support
  • New Java and Robot examples
  • Support for Eclipse Neon-2  

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Several fixes at test generation server
  • Model editor error fixes (sate machine management)
  • Updated test case viewer
  • Updated Help

New features:

  • Java and JUnit support
  • Object-oriented modelling
  • Filters, navigation and diagram highlights
  • Independent test cases Test case validation
  • Server-side processing
  • Packaging for model elements 

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Generic model view is used instead of specific views
  • Several fixes to increase stability
  • Improved behavior model editor
  • Improved test generation server support of structured variables
  • Improved TTCN-3 renderer
  • Possibility to group test objectives
  • Enhanced viewer of abstract test cases
  • Improved feedback of test generation progress

New features:

  • New look and feel with new icons and toolbar items
  • Support for creating Test requirements and linking them to Test objectives 
  • New tool Model View that has sub views for everything related to the project
  • Support for shallow history state
  • New test generation server supporting  RESTful interface and SSH
  • Rendering settings (TTCN-3 and Robot) placed in Project Properties
  • Template support for Robot rendering (used for defining run_on_failure and Test Teardown) 

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Modified Test objective editor
  • Improved model validation procedure 
  • Improved TTCN-3 renderer (works much faster now)
  • Faster test generation
  • Copy/Paste for transitions
  • Improved project explorer auto-refresh feature 
  • Multiple error fixes when using 3rd party libraries
  • Improved requirements importing functionality
  • Fixed navigating back and forward between visited diagrams using ALT + LEFT and ALT + RIGHT
  • Example project are runnable out of the box without changing any settings manually
  • Minor bug fixes in external test data import functionality