News from 2016

ETSI ITS plugtest took place 9-18.November at the Port of Livorno (Tuscany, Italy). For more information please visit event website.

UCAAT 2016 was held in Budapest, Hungary from 26 to 28th of October; 4th UCAAT brought together more than 220 test automation practitioners and researches. During 3 fruitful days test automation specials from industry and academia presented their work: there was 2 keynotes, 4 tutorials and 27 presentations. All presentations are available here. Martti Käärik – Elvior CTO – was co-author and presenter of tutorial “Testing and Domain-Specific Modeling with TDL” and presenter of work “Web Test Automation Using TTCN-3 and MBT Framework”.

TTCN-3 as powerful test automation technology can be effectively used in RESTFul API-s testing.
Test automation workflow of RESTFul APIs using TTCN-3 includes following steps:
1.Define TTCN-3 data types for RESTFul API endpoints:
 – Automatic conversion of JSON Schemas (swagger.json) or
 – Semiautomatic conversion of JSON bodies to TTCN-3 types
2.Develop test cases for RESTFul API endpoints
 – Request/Response pairs for endpoints
 – Test logic depending on endpoint
3.Execute test case(s)
4.Analyze results

Elvior has released “out of the box solution” for steps above; introductory slides are available here; for more information please contact .

This new release is less resource demanding and  gives better user experience in applying MBT (Model Based Testing) on your test automation projects. TestCast MBT is comprehensive end-to-end MBT tool supporting TTCN-3 and Robot underlying test automation frameworks.
Test development workflow with TestCast MBT is following:
– System behavior is modeled as Input/Output Transition System
– Structural test coverage is defined
– Abstract test cases are designed and generated
– Tests are rendered into executable test scripts
– Tests are executed on underlying test execution framework
TestCast MBT Data sheet is available here.

Customers can download new release from designated download areas in Elvior online support.
For more information and demos please contact

Elvior has been selected to provide software development environment and test services for European Spallation Source (ESS) in Sweden. ESS should become world’s most powerful neutron radiation source. It will beat current neutron radiation sources almost by 100 times.

The tender process was worldwide and Elvior was one of the nine companies that qualified in software development environment and test services lot.

Successful participation in ESS tender is considered as a significant benefit for Estonian scientists and IT-sector. They can now create new knowledge and discoveries with access to state of the art science and radiation data.

100 companies around the world tendered for ESS contracts and 29 were chosen as a project partners. AS Helmes and AS Proekspert, also from Estonia, were qualified in software design and development services lot.

Future technologies are developed at international research centers like ESS, which is a joint venture for 17 European countries (including Estonia), that aims to build and maintain next generation science infrastructure for material research with neutrons.

Fourth ETSI’s UCAAT Conference, that focuses on application aspects of automated testing and standardized test specification, is sponsored by Elvior. UCAAT is a great opportunity to meet other software testing enthusiasts and share contemporary test automation technologies. Martti Käärik (Elvior CTO) gives a presentation on web test automation using TTCN-3 and MBT framework. See more from UCAAT 2016 programme.
This year’s event is held in Budapest, Hungary from 26-28 October and hosted by Nokia and Ericsson. Eearly bird registration is still available until 15th of September 2016. See registration options on UCAAT homepage.

This major release has new enhanced TTCN-3 attributes handling mechanism which results shorter compilation times and lower memory consumption. TestCast 6.10.1 includes several new tools like expand template, add template wizard and code snippet. Please refer release notes for more details.
Customers can download this new version of TestCast T3 from Elvior online support.

Fourth UCAAT is hosted by Ericsson and Nokia from 26-28 October 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. The event is organized by European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

UCAAT attendees have great opportunity to discover and learn new modern test automation approaches, technologies and strategies. It is a great place for software testing tool vendors to meet their users.

See more on UCAAT 2016 homepage.