TestCast 6.17.1, EoSL 02.11.2023

New features:

  • New look and feel: color schemes, customizable font sizes, changes in the tab view, several editor highlight functions, compilation log in the bottom control
  • Several performance improvements in TCI handling
  • Several performance improvements in processing debugging and tracing instructions
  • Setting for activating implicit omitting environment in the whole project
  • Compilation results in red if compilation was not successful
  • Optional caching of decoding results
  • Support for linked TRI, XTRI and TCI-TM written in C#
  • Support for triSelf and triRnd in C and C++ interfaces
  • The system interface allows to get the project directory

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash in runtime execution of string operations including a universal charstring variable and charstring constant
  • Bottom tab control height is restored to the one used in the previous session when TestCast is restarted
  • Invalid runtime exception is no longer thrown when assigning omit to optional fields of a template with a value restriction using dot notation (with just a single dot)
  • Column widths of the log view are properly saved now
  • Compile-time resolved operations that are defined in the module declaration part and require module access not longer cause the compiler to crash
  • Pattern templates containing the vertical line symbol on the top level no longer produce a false positive match if the matched string contains one of the pattern options in the middle
  • Replace all didn’t set the “file changed” flag when the number of replacements was 1
  • Rarely occurring deadlock on exiting from the testing mode when using TCI-TL
  • Removed a race condition in the editor that caused a rare null pointer exception while editing