TestCast 6.16.1, EoSL 27.04.2023

New features:

  • TTCN-3: 2020 support (ES 201 873-1 4.12.1, ES 201 873-6 4.12.1)
  • – lre parameter for logging runtime exceptions added to the console version
  • Improved detection of missing fields of structured values during compilation
  • Opening of .xmmlog session log files over command line parameter

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • XSD anyAttribute in extension is correctly imported now
  • Handling of dot notation and indexes applied to uninitialized variables in actual out parameters no longer causes an uninitialized value error
  • Type check for indexes in index assignment notation was missing
  • Pointer error in Linux TCI protocol (decoding of strings)
  • Several combo boxes in settings displayed code names instead of UI texts
  • Issue with displayed session duration if logs were saved during testing mode
  • Incomplete call stack dump with an incorrect origin entry when a runtime error occurred inside a @dynamic block
  • XML codec crash when encoding elements with no namespace and no prefix in a qualified context that also doesn’t have any prefix
  • Modification of ifpresent templates no longer causes an error
  • The lengthof operator didn’t work correctly with AnyValueTemplate
  • Several bugfixes related JSON codec, added anytype encode/decode implementation
  • JSON codec fixes for decoding escaped strings, anytype, encoding field separator for record/set type