TestCast 6.15.1, EoSL 30.06.2022

New features:

  • Linked TRI and TCI-TM
  • Additional TTCN-3:2019 features:
    •   Deterministic parameters, templates and variables
    • Modification of matching mechanisms
    • Support for patterns in concatenation
    • Rules for @nocase in concatenation
    • Timer lifetime rules
    • Altsteps supported in the component.call operation
    • Expressions in declarations of enumerated numbers
    • Interleaved altsteps
    • Efficient fields of unions are taken into account when generating transformed names of a XSD module
    • Improved detection of missing return values of external functions
    • Improved error reporting
    • ASN.1 can generate zero length messages
    • Internal codec priority for ASN.1
    • support for multiple NoTargetNamespace modules

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Incorrect binary code no longer generated for encval_o
  • encode “JSON” attribute was not correctly supported
  • External attributes were loaded twice in some cases
  • Invalid error when assigning a mixed list to an array
  • Compile time resolved subsets and supersets no longer cause a compiler crash when their parent type is an invalid reference