TestCast 6.12.3

New features:

  • Support for TTCN-3: 2017 edition of XSD conversion rules (ES 201 873-9 version 4.9.1)
  • Property allowing to use internal ASN.1 codec regardless of presence of additional encode parameters
  • TriSnapshot message is optional now and can be enabled or disabled in the project settings
  • Detection of errors connected with calling functions with fuzzy parameters from special places
  • Component end log item contains a trace of 10 last executed instructions

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved detection of errors connected with calling functions from default altstep parameter values
  • tli.xml file is now automatically copied to created runtime
  • The port parameter can be used in the command line tool to modify the port set in a TestCast project
  • JSON encoding is available in GUI settings now
  • Internal decode returns TriOK and empty value when decoding fails
  • Issue with detection of insufficient number of bytes when decoding strings with the built-in binary codec
  • Enumerated values were not properly linked when used in the value clause of the reply and getreply operation
  • GUI error appearing when trying to modify long log filter strings
  • Invalid linker errors showing undefined templates or values when trying to compile a script that imports up-to-date modules loaded from files
  • Missing start line info for parameterized templates
  • Attribute retrieving operations didn’t work correctly with type references
  • Variant attribute was not always reset when a new encoding was specified
  • DefinitionRefs in group attributes were not linked properly
  • Permutation match errors
  • Incorrect mismatch description for list template
  • Crash during linking imports with exceptions
  • Visibility of constants was not properly set
  • No error was generated for two attributes of the same kind with a different override status
  • No error was generated for multiple occurrence of an attribute that can be present at most once in cases when a reference was attached to the attribute
  • Minor fixes in processing of modifiers in the code editor
  • Matching full stop in charstring patterns didn’t work properly
  • Encode attributes applied on imported ASN.1 modules are no longer applied to the original ASN.1 module
  • Variant attribute with a list of related encoding attribute didn’t work properly
  • Crash when creating a parameterized template that modifies another template with a list of actual parameters attached to it