TestCast 6.12.2

New features:

  • TCI 2017 support (ES 201 873-6 version 4.9.1)
  • Advanced matching support ( ES 203 022 version 1.1.1)
  • ASN.1 OER support (ES 201 873-7 version 4.6.1)
  • JSON support (ES 201 873-11 version 4.7.1)

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Automatic logging of TestCast exceptions to session logs (as a comment)
  • Fixed indentation issues in XSD to TTCN-3 conversion
  • Information objects, classes and sets cannot be imported from ASN.1 to TTCN-3
  • After using an automatic module name update function after renaming a script which is not open in the tab view, the script is marked as not saved.
  • Fuzzy component template referencing a fuzzy template defined in a parent component works properly now
  • In character USI notation, small “u” is supported now too
  • Fixed problems with processing TCI tciGetTypeVariantAttribute call made over TCP/IP