TestCast 6.12.1

New features:

  • ETSI ES 201 873-1 4.9.1 support (TTCN-3:2017)
  • File system monitoring
  • Asynchronous TLI

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Session report is not saved after exiting to design mode if it is not necessary
  • Optimization of cyclic import
  • Optimization of code deserialization
  • Native memory allocation for string to value conversion
  • Problem with corruption of the native memory if malloc and free from  different C runtime libraries are used
  • Legacy octal numeric format support removed from the int2str function
  • Automatic attribute cache clean-up after serialization
  • Closing of the SA didn’t switch TestCast to design mode if the SA used a different connection than the PA, CD or TL.
  • Null pointer exception on logging TCI calls when exiting to design mode
  • TciMatchingMechanism copying support for constructive type fields
  • RecordOfValue support for cloning IMatchnigTemplate value fields
  • AsnPerDecoder open field decoding update
  • Problem with deleting temporary files used during serialization of compiled code
  • Invalid extended type reference in inline template no longer causes compiler crash
  • Disabling the “Unique Particle Attribution” rule to allow processing of XSD 1.1 files (and related codec changes)
  • Crash in compilation of the system:portRef notation if component type referenced in the test case header was invalid
  • any component.done and any component.killed events were not reset when a testing session was terminated due to a critical error