TestCast 6.11.2

New features:

  • ETSI ES 201 873-9 4.7.1 support (using XML schema with TTCN-3)
  • Support for external library modules (Math, String, DateTime)
  • Log synchronization – enables test session logs usage during runtime
  • Improved detection of uninitialized values in compile time
  • When a disallowed operation is detected during a blocking call in runtime, the name of the operation is printed in the exception message

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Problem with unitialized TCI values when two adapters are used, one of them using SA and the other XSA
  • Crash in the substring operation
  • Wrong exception in string value indexing
  • Concatenation of matching symbols didn’t link runtime-resolved variables properly
  • Actual out parameters with dot notation were not linked properly if the root value was uninitialized
  • All XSD “text as” variants are processed now (not only the first one)
  • Namespaces are correctly applied to elements that are defined on XSD root level and whose type is defined in a different namespace
  • With element substitution active, import clause was not always created for substituded elements from different modules
  • Combination of type and element substitution generated incorrect code in some cases (invalid identifiers and references)
  • Type substitution discarded the original type (inserting it directly into the derivation union)
  • Component variables used as actual out and inout parameters of altstep calls no longer cause a runtime exception
  • The predefined encvalue_unichar function with three parameters was not compiled properly
  • whiteSpace attribute handling has been enabled
  • Too many items in the embed_values field cause an encoding error
  • Encoding and decoding of the IDREFS and ENTITIES types works correctly now
  • Invalid warning on missing modules in attribute files removed