TTCN-3:2019 is supported by TestCast 6.14.1

Elvior TestCast 6.14.1 supports TTCN-3:2019. The new TTCN-3 standard (ES 201 873-1 4.11.1) includes several important new features such as control function, synchronous PTC calls, template module parameters etc. TestCast 6.14.1 has multiple new features and enhancements to make TTCN-3 test engineer life more comfortable.

TestCast has different options to integrate it into existing test automation environment or use as a stand alone test automation tool.

TestCast supports all standardized TTCN-3 test suites developed in ETSI; also 3GPP LTE UE conformance test suites for 4G and 5G (including all required codecs). For more information, please contact support@elvior.com or elvior@elvior.com.