TTCN-3 User Conference Asia 2009 in Bangalore, India November 17-19, 2009

The TTCN-3 Users Conference Asia (T3UC) 2009 will take  place in Bangalore, India November 17-19, 2009.  T3UC Asia 2009 will bring together the TTCN-3 community to witness the application of TTCN-3 beyond telecommunications testing in new areas such as embedded system testing and automotive software testing.T3UC Asia 2009 is jointly organised by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute  (ETSI) and ISQT. It will feature tutorials and presentations from members of the TTCN-3   user community and other invited speakers.Elvior is supporting the event as a silver sponsor and exhibitor, showcasing its TTCN-3 technology offers. Elvior’s model-based TTCN-3 testing technology includes a model-based test generator called  MOTES  that generates TTCN-3 test cases from UML state machines and the  MessageMagic  TTCN-3 tool for test development and execution.Andres Kull, CEO of Elvior, will give a presentation in the conference titled, “End-to-End Testing Automation in the TTCN-3 environment using Conformiq Qtronic™ and Elvior MessageMagic™” where an end-to-end model-based testing solution in the TTCN-3 environment using   Conformiq Qtronic  and   Elvior  MessageMagic will be demonstrated on a SIP softphone case study.

Andrus Lehtmets from Elvior will give a tutorial in the conference titled, “Model-based TTCN-3 testing explained on a case study” where an end-to-end model-based testing solution using the Elvior MOTES TTCN-3 test generator and MessageMagic TTCN-3 test development environment will be introduced. 

Stop by our booth to chat with us and learn more about our TTCN-3 test automation technology.