TTCN-3 testing of NGSI-9/10 interfaces

Elvior has released TTCN-3 test suite for testing implementations using FI-WARE OMA NGSI-9 and 10 interfaces. The FI-WARE version of the OMA NGSI-9 interface is a RESTful API via HTTP. Its purpose is to exchange information about the availability of context information. 

Elvior has developed a complete test environment including adapters (http adapter supporting authorization) and codecs (XML and JSON) for end-to-end testing of systems implementing NGSI-9 and 10 interfaces.

The TTCN-3 test suite includes dedicated test campaigns for testing generic enablers: Orion context broker, Event service and others; also test cases and dedicated test campaigns for FI-STAR Specific Enablers are available. For more information please contact support@elvior.com

Download slide set from here.