TestCast MBT 3rd generation

Elvior has released 3rd generation of TestCast MBT. TestCast MBT is model based testing tool: SUT behavior is modeled as UML state charts; structural test coverage criteria is set on the model; abstract test cases are designed and generated automatically. Tests can then be rendered into executable TTCN-3 scripts and executed on TestCast T3 tool (included into TestCast MBT bundle). First (former MOTES) and second generation of TestCast MBT used 3rd party UML tool for modeling. The third generation of TestCast MBT has built in system model editor that is harmonized with TTCN-3 data model. Tool lifts test automation provided by Elvior into next level – due to user-friendly interface and powerful TTCN-3 execution platform.
TestCast MBT can be used on different application areas: from embedded systems to web testing. 
For introduction slideshow please click here; for demos and tool evaluation please contact elvior(at).elvior.com