TestCast MBT 3.5 supports Java

Java + JUnit

The most popular programming language has made its way to model based testing! Use Java objects and method calls from source project or external libraries to model your test behavior. Render tests for execution in JUnit framework or create your own testing interface.

Object-oriented modeling

The use of object-oriented language requires object-oriented modeling. And now you have it! Instance method calls are automatically linked to available objects. Expected values of method return values are converted to appropriate assertions in test code.

Filters, navigation and diagram highlights

Model views have gained some weight. With content specific filtering and view-to-view navigation it’s easier than ever to step through your models and find what you are looking for. Step-by-step navigation includes highlighting and focusing on related elements on behavior diagrams.

Independent test cases

Test generator is now able to produce independent test sequences for test objectives, so you have better control of the test execution process. Each test generation task focuses on specific objectives and yet produces single compact test suite model for optimal test management.

Test case validation

Previously generated test sequences may become invalid when the data or behavior change. Such discrepancies are now detected and reported on the fly.

Server-side processing

All resource consuming model processing tasks have now been delegated to the server, so your precious processor cycles are kept for what is important to you.

Packaging for model elements

Most model objects may now be placed in packages to help you organize your assets and create a clear separation of concerns where needed.