TestCast MBT 3.4 is released

TestCast MBT 3.4 has got number of new features to help users on their everyday test development work. Model overview
As test modelling projects become larger the amount of imported data – such as variables, type definitions and test data – keeps growing. With new model view and property pages you have a good overview of your assets.

Model validation
Models are strongly typed and modeling language has semantic rules that prevent creation of unreasonable test cases. Those rules were previously checked by the server. Now, the model is validated in the client and errors presented in Problems view, thus saving the round-trip time to server.

Requirements management
With requirement editor it is now possible to organize requirements and associate them with test objectives. If you are using another requirements management tool then requirements can be imported into test modelling project and organized further without losing track of the originals.

Restful, secure server
Test generation service was re-implemented to follow REST principles in order to become more scalable. Stay tuned for upcoming cloud based services to improve your workflow. The service is now accessible only over secure connection.

Coverage display
Model debugging is now more effective with live coverage display. Get a quick overview of the parts of your model that were not reached by the generator.

Robot support
Robot framework is now first class environment with all-around support and examples included.