MBAT: Model-based analysis and testing project in transportation industry

Leading European companies from the automotive, aerospace and rail industries have come together for an ARTEMIS research project called MBAT. MBAT’s goal is to bring model-based analysis and testing to the transportation industry. It is a 3-year collaboration that started in November 2011 and consists of 38 partners from 8 countries (Austria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, UK).


Participating in the project are some of the world’s largest manufacturers including, Daimler and Volvo from the automotive world, EADS, Dassian and Rockwell Collins from the aerospace industry as well as, Alstom, Siemens and Ansaldo from the rail transportation industry. The project also includes eleven research institutions, and ten technology and tool providers (including Elvior).


MBAT will provide European industry with a new leading-edge validation and verification technology that will enable the production of high-quality embedded systems at reduced cost. This will be made possible by a new approach to testing by which model-based testing technologies are combined with static analysis techniques. Specially designed test & analysis models could also be used and re-used as a basis for model-based validation and verification.  The MBAT project will work to create a reference technology platform (RTP) that will make it possible to integrate the different model-based analysis and testing tools into a smooth workflow.

Industrial use cases will be provided by the manufactures. Different model-based analysis and testing tools will then be applied to each use case. The RTP will be built to ensure as smooth an integration of the tools as possible. The methods and tools will be evaluated for each use case.

Elvior is one of the tool vendors involved in MBAT. Elvior’s TestCast MBT will be used as one of the model-based test tools in the testing branch of the project. 

This project is an opportunity for Elvior to better understand the transportation industry’s model-based testing needs and improving our technology accordingly. Integration of Elvior’s tools into the MBAT RPT gives us the opportunity to integrate our technology into customer’s tool-chains.