ETSI MTS#54 meeting 4.-5.10.2011 in Tallinn is hosted by Elvior

ETSI Methods for Testing and Specification (MTS) workgroup has its regular meeting 4.-5.10.2011 in Tallinn. The meeting takes place in Mäealuse 4/1, Tallinn.ETSI MTS is a key driver behind TTCN-3 standardization. MTS is following closely new trends in systems testing. Standardization efforts in field of model-based testing is the next big thing where MTS will most probably start to contribute in the near future. We expect that Tallinn meeting will have fruitful discussions about quo vadis MTS.The meeting is hosted by Elvior. Elvior is an active member of ETSI MTS workgroup. Elvior TestCast is a TTCN-3 test development and execution environment.