Elvior to introduce it’s TTCN-3 technologies in a workshop at the Nordic Testing Days

The Nordic Testing Days are a software testing conference taking place from 04.06 to 05.06 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia.  The event is for you if you like to… ..hear unbelievable stories from real life,..share your experiences with others,..hear about not only success stories but also failure stories,..get your hands dirty with tools, methods and bugsTo register simply visit the following page: http://nordictestingdays.eu/?id=10Elvior’s testing expert and CTO Andrus Lehtmets will be offering an introductory workshop on our model-based TTCN-3 Technologies on Monday, the fourth of June at 10:30.  The workshop  will be based on a practical example. Students will learn:Theoretical background of model based testingBenefits of using TTCN-3 in model based testingHow to build state models from system requirements specificationRole of System Adapter in TTCN-3 test environmentHow to apply model based testing on practical testing taskResults of TTCN-3 model based testing in2 industrial case studies provided by Elvior Comparison of manual TTCN-3 testing and model based black-box testing is given.We encourage everyone interested in the field of model-based testing to attend.