Elvior to host Model-based Testing User Conference (MBT UC 2012)

. Elvior is proud to host the second ever Model-based Testing User Conference (MBT UC) 2012 from 25. to 27. september 2012 in Tallinn, EstoniaWe aim to continue to delight all the participants and sponsors with the best model-based testing conference in the world. Staying true to the spirit that made the first conference a success For the participants

As last year, this year’s conference will start with a day of tutorials, on the 25th of September and continue with two days of presentations , lasting from the 26th to the 27th of September.

The registration form,  with a list of discounted lodging opportunities in the best hotels of Tallinn. will soon be on the conference’s site: http://www.elvior.com/model-based-testing-uc-2012

Call for proposals

We encourage interested parties to submit their proposals as soon as possible by visiting the following page: http://www.elvior.com/model-based-testing-uc-2012/call-for-proposals

Topics of interest include

•    Industrial experiences and case studies about applying model-based tests  in different application domains
•    Success stories and challenges of applying model-based testing for  different types of testing
•    Deployment of model-based testing
•    Evaluations of model-based testing deployments
•    Standardization efforts related to model-based testing
•    Experiences in training and educating about model-based testing

Important dates

Submission of abstract: 30th April, 2012   
Notification of acceptance:   8th June 2012 ,
Submission of final presentations:    7th September 2012Call for sponsors

Those companies and institutions that like to support MBTUC, are invited to become a sponsor for MBTUC, please contact Robert Jakobson at Elvior ( robert.jakobson@elvior.com).

Additional Information

The venue, the programme and other details will be announced step by step on the conference’s website as we reach nearer to the milestones noted above.

We invite everyone to visit the conference’s website at http://www.elvior.com/model-based-testing-uc-2012

or make your voice heard by contacting Robert Jakobson at robert.jakobson@elvior.eefor more questions and comments regarding the conference.

About Tallinn and Estonia

Tallinn was one of the 2011 Capital of Culture for Europe and it has not stopped offering incredible array of cultural events.

Estonia is a North-Eastern European country with a vibrant economy. It is a permanent member of OECD (the organisation of developed countries), the European Union and NATO. From 2011 the local currency is the euro, providing an stable and comfortable basis for all transactions.

After the start of the financial crisis Estonia reoriented it’s economy to an export-based model. The strategy has bared fruit with economic growth reaching over 8% of GDP (y.o.y) by 2011.
Software, telecommunications and IT are one of the fundamental export articles. Thus making this country an ideal host for this conference.