Elvior signed frame agreement with European Spallation Source

Elvior has been selected to provide software development environment and test services for European Spallation Source (ESS) in Sweden. ESS should become world’s most powerful neutron radiation source. It will beat current neutron radiation sources almost by 100 times.

The tender process was worldwide and Elvior was one of the nine companies that qualified in software development environment and test services lot.

Successful participation in ESS tender is considered as a significant benefit for Estonian scientists and IT-sector. They can now create new knowledge and discoveries with access to state of the art science and radiation data.

100 companies around the world tendered for ESS contracts and 29 were chosen as a project partners. AS Helmes and AS Proekspert, also from Estonia, were qualified in software design and development services lot.

Future technologies are developed at international research centers like ESS, which is a joint venture for 17 European countries (including Estonia), that aims to build and maintain next generation science infrastructure for material research with neutrons.