Elvior introduced TTCN-2 to TTCN-3 migration services

Elvior started to provide the migration services to convert your test suites from TTCN-2 to TTCN-3. TTCN-2 is an outdated technology replaced by by more advanced TTCN-3 testing technology.   There are still organisations that have huge amount of legacy TTCN-2 test suites from the past. Those legacy TTCN-2 test suites keep those companies stuck in TTCN-2 legue and prevent them to enjoy the benefits of TTCN-3.Elvior TTCN-2 to TTCN-3 migration services provide such companies a rapid and cost-effective path to TTCN-3. Please contact  sales@elvior.com  if you are interested in migrating your existing TTCN-2 test suites.