Elvior at UCAAT 2017

5th UCAAT was held in Berlin, Germany October 11-13, 2017.
During 3 days 4 interesting tutorials, 2 keynote speeches and 28 presentations introduced different testing problems, new trends and achievements in testing industry.
Elvior engineers were presenters in:
– 1 tutorial – From TDL to TTCN-3: A Step by Step Tutorial (P. Makedonski, G. Adamis, M. Käärik, F. Kristoffersen G. Réthy) 
– 1 presentation – Model-based testing of 3D video games (M.Taimre, Õ.Mets)
and co-authors of:
– 1 presentation – Mapping TDL to TTCN-3 (P. Makedonski, G.Adamis, M.Käärik , F. Kristoffersen G. Réthy) and
– 1 poster Modernizing TTCN-3 (J.Grabowski, G.Réthy, K.Szabados, T.Urban, J.Deltour, J.Wieland).
Besides TDL and TTCN-3 also Madis Taimre presentation – Model-based testing of 3D video games – was very much appreciated by the audience. The presentation summarized how MBT (Model based testing) and TTCN-3 can be effectively used in system testing of 3D games developed on Unity platform. Open source framework for applying TTCN-3 in Unity game test automation was developed; MBT was applied for generating TTCN-3 scripts and as a result better test coverage was received compare to the manual scripting. 
The presentation could be downloaded here.