An end-to-end testing automation in TTCN-3 environment using Conformiq Qtronic™ and Elvior MessageMagic™

An end-to-end testing automation in TTCN-3 environment using Conformiq Qtronic and Elvior MessageMagic was demonstrated on the TTCN-3 User Conference 2009.This case study demonstrates how model-based testing approach can be applied in TTCN-3 environment to achieve full testing automation, from test design to test execution. Using commercial tools for automated test design such as Conformiq Qtronic and Elvior MessageMagic for automatic execution of these test cases, TTCN-3 driven test environment can now take full advantage of end-to-end test automation.We tested a publicly available SIP softphone, X-Lite from CounterPath, using TTCN-3 as testing language. The testing involved automatically generating TTCN-3 test cases using Conformiq Qtronic and executing those test cases using MessageMagic.We started by creating a system model, based on SIP specifications, in UML and Java compatible notation action language. This model is required by Conformiq Qtronic in order to automatically generate TTCN-3 test suite. Then we implemented a system adapter, needed to connect MessageMagic TTCN-3 execution environment to CounterPath’s X-Lite softphone, and executed this test suite against the X-Lite softphone using MessageMagic.The whitepaper describes the case study in more detail.