TestCast MBT 3.4

New features:

  • New look and feel with new icons and toolbar items
  • Support for creating Test requirements and linking them to Test objectives 
  • New tool Model View that has sub views for everything related to the project
  • Support for shallow history state
  • New test generation server supporting  RESTful interface and SSH
  • Rendering settings (TTCN-3 and Robot) placed in Project Properties
  • Template support for Robot rendering (used for defining run_on_failure and Test Teardown) 

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Modified Test objective editor
  • Improved model validation procedure 
  • Improved TTCN-3 renderer (works much faster now)
  • Faster test generation
  • Copy/Paste for transitions
  • Improved project explorer auto-refresh feature 
  • Multiple error fixes when using 3rd party libraries
  • Improved requirements importing functionality
  • Fixed navigating back and forward between visited diagrams using ALT + LEFT and ALT + RIGHT
  • Example project are runnable out of the box without changing any settings manually
  • Minor bug fixes in external test data import functionality